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Mountain Home Idaho and Urban Blight

Mountain Home, Business & Tourism
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Urban Blight On Displayed

Click the photo for a better version of the Mountain Home, Idaho blight

There are cities in the rust belt of the U.S. where enterprising individuals are making a living by taking tourists on "urban blight tours." All the while, there are quasi-government agencies using your tax dollars to fight that urban blight. The yin and yang of this reality is interesting considering Mountain Home, Idaho is considering marketing the city's abundant urban blight as a mid-century modern attraction.

I personally don't believe the mid-century modern rebranding and marketing effort will be successful. I've been wrong before. But, what say you? Would the mid-century modern urban blight draw you or your company into Mountain Home, Idaho? Remember, the modern and growing city of Boise is just 45 miles away.

Location / Address / Coordinates of the Photograph
Approximately one-half mile from the core downtown business district in Mountain Home.

800 South 3rd West Street
Mountain Home, ID 83647

Coordinates: 43.124541°, -115.692482°

Urban decay (also known as urban rot and urban blight) is the process whereby a previously functioning city, or part of a city, falls into disrepair and decrepitude. It may feature deindustrialization, depopulation or changing population, restructuring, abandoned buildings, high local unemployment, fragmented families, political disenfranchisement, crime, and a desolate, inhospitable city landscape. Credit:

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