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Back Door Blight of Mountain Home Idaho

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The very first industrial/commercial park visitors see when driving into Mountain Home, Idaho from the south on U.S. Highway 67 is this blighty scene. A quonset hut like structure that has been used for different purposes since at least 2007 and the view hasn't changed much over the years.

Three miles south of downtown Mountain Home, Idaho, this blighty commerical strip mall leads the way into town. 

3.2 Million Annual Vehicle Drive-By's
With approximately 9,000 vehicles driving by this single location each day, one would hope Mountain Home or at least Elmore County officials would be concerned enough about the visual impact this commercial property creates for visitors and tourists. Considering how long the strip mall has looked like this, it's doubtful many officials care what the world sees as they drive through the back door to downtown Mountain Home, Idaho.

Address of Commercial Property:
4590 Air Base Road
Mountain Home, Idaho 83647

Photograph Taken
Coordinates: 43.125655, -115.749601
Address: 147 SW Sky Blue Ave Mountain Home, ID 83647

Inset of Industrial Park

Originally published on March 8, 2017


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