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Elmore County Taxing District Web Fail

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"Why Elmore County, Idaho residents cannot have nice things," was highlighted in a story published on February 28, 2017. The ironic part of that story is, the same people who say Mountain Home residents cannot afford to have nice things, are showing what nice things their own taxing district seems unable to provide even with $4 millions of taxpayer money in the bank.

The WECRD Website as of Feb. 28, 2017
WECRD.org website as it looked on Feb. 28 and March 7, 2017
Link: The Warning/Caution/Danger screen shown above appeared in the Chrome and Firefox browsers. The warning did not appear on Microsoft Edge browser. http://www.wecrd.org

WECRD Spends Tax Money On A "Nice CMS Website" Yet ...
Two of the Western Elmore County Recreation District (WECRD) directors recently make a great case as to why county cannot afford a swimming pool or even a recreation building. However, neither director seemed to care their organization's website has been down for a week.

I notified the directors of the website problems on February 28, 2017. It appears even after I notified the only two remaining directors on the board that their website was having coding and technical problems, it's still broken as of March 7, 2017. That is one full week the WECRD.org website has been out of commission. Out of commission because it might be serving up a nasty malware cocktail straight to your computer of device? That's not a nice thing we can afford.

Why Is It Important?
It's important because the website is one of the only ways to find out when the taxing district is holding special board meetings. Without the website, the public would need to physically drive to the WECRD offices and look on the door for a notice. That's not a nice thing either.

Help wanted but the website has been unavailable since before the Help Wanted ad went into the newspaper. 

It's also important because the WECRD is looking to hire a part time employee and the WECRD.org website is the only way to get that full job description other than driving to their office. Not only that, the organization pays a webmaster to maintain that website. It's possible that webmaster isn't as conscientious as he should be and maybe this Elmore County taxing district isn't holding their web expert accountable or responsible? I don't know the reason but ...

"Elmore County and Mountain Home, Idaho Cannot Afford Nice Things."  

Originally published on March 7, 2017


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