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Idaho's Rep.Christy Zito Votes Against Transparency

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Rep. Christy Zito Votes Twice Against Transparency

On March 6, 2017, Idaho House District 23A Representative Christy Zito, twice voted against the House Concurrent Resolution 20 bill that would have made our state government more transparent. During the first vote, the resolution passed. But because many Idaho politicians stand on the far-right side of crazy, they reconsider their vote that would have allowed the creation of maps for the land Idaho owns. In the second vote, that resolution was defeated.

Zito is anti-freedom and anti-transparency

Why Is Representative Zito Against Transparency?

Maps of Idaho state-owned lands seems like a good idea for hunters, ranchers and basically everyone who enjoys the great outdoors in this state. And for those of you who don't know, that pretty much includes everyone living in Idaho.

Why does Christy Zito hate maps of public lands? Why would anyone be opposed to communication and information? After all, a map is just another form of communication that provides information about the land we own. Zito must be anti-communication and anti-information or maybe a political hack much in the same vein as the former District 23 Representative Pete Nielsen.

I Asked Christie Zito Why She Voted Against HCR 20

I sent Zito the following email on March 9, 2017:

Dear Representative Zito:
I am concerned about your recent vote against HOUSE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION 20 on Monday, March 6, 2017.

The article found at indicated one of the benefits of HCR 20 would have been:
The Idaho Department of Lands would publish annual maps that would help hunters, anglers, and other outdoor recreationists know which state lands are accessible to the public.

As a resident of Legislative District 23, the maps that resolution would have created could have been quite useful to me and many in this part of Idaho. The issue of public lands is a very important issue to me and to many Idahoans.

Can you please explain, in detail, why you voted against HCR 20.

The best possible method of responding to my concern is via email.



Tim Bondy
1350 Amber Drive
Mountain Home, ID 83647
~~ email address appended ~~

Reply Deadline: March 19, 2017 - calendar entry


An Unacceptable Unresponsive State Representative Zito

I had to put a deadline on getting a response back from my representative and I chose a 10-day deadline or March 19, 2017. I did not get a response from Representative Christy Zito on a simple question of "why."

In the email I sent to Zito, who I believe is a poor excuse of a politician, I also CC'd my other two state representatives. I did receive a reply back from one of them. Idaho House District 23B Representative Blanksma responded within one hour of my original email. That's responsive.

Other So-Called Proud Moment From the Mouth Of Representative Christy Zito

A small newspaper from Zito's hometown published an article regarding her recent accomplishments and some additional opinions that rattle around inside her semi-empty brainpan.

  • Zito attended an "Idaho Second Amendment Rally" outside the state capitol on Feb. 25, 2017. This rally apparently was intended to celebrate the fact that citizens in the state can carry a concealed firearm without any training or permit. Yep, Zito went further down that "guns everywhere" rabbit hole by saying "the First Amendment is protected by  the Second."
  • In the virtual real estate inside that head of Christy Zito, where she imagines "Land of the free; Home of the brave" signs posted on every street corner, she sees freedom where it doesn't exist and even votes against those same freedoms. She voted against House Bill 91 that would allow  Idaho citizens’ immunization records to be kept in a central filing center. There was even a provision where citizens could opt out. Zito believes giving the people freedom is not freedom. Crazy.
  • In another Zito moment of "freedom is not freedom," she said she had to watch in horror as the Idaho Legislature was forced to repeal a law that made it very difficult for some women to get an abortion in the state.

"Obviously, the word 'Freedom' doesn't mean what Christy Zito thinks it means."

Blanksma Email Response About Her Vote On HCR20:

Mr Bondy,

I voted for HCR 20. Twice. It passed the the house in the morning. It was reconsidered in the afternoon when many of the majority changed their vote and failed it. I stayed with my yes vote. I believe the maps would provide great transparency for state land use.


Rep. Megan Blanksma


The 1st Amendment Is The Most Powerful "Freedom" Weapon Available

When Representative Christy Zito says “The most powerful tool we have, next to our vote, is access to our representatives," apparently that powerful tool doesn't include getting answers in a reasonable amount of time. I suggest the above Christy Zito quote is a complete falsehood where is concerns her.

The most powerful tool, we as citizens have when dealing with unresponsive state legislators is the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. And I don't need the Second Amendment to protect that most powerful tool in my freedom arsenal. Apparently, Zito thinks she needs a handgun in order to speak out. SAD!

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