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Mountain Home Idaho Infrastructure In Shambles

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Is it a fact that the infrastructure, roads, and utilities are in such bad shape that businesses and industry won't look at Mountain Home or Elmore County, Idaho as a place to expand? Even taxes appear to be higher than surrounding counties? There aren't any special city or county business license or regulations that are stopping companies from relocating here either. Maybe the local residents are right in their thoughts about the town?

Photo from Mountain Home, Idaho in 2017

A Local Resident Posts On Facebook

  • I won't be able to attend (a city meeting), but could someone please ask him who the hell is in charge of the infrastructure in this town? Namely, electrical power and the lack of reliability here. I swear, it seems if the friggin wind blows in the wrong direction, or if drop of rain come out of the sky, half the damn town loses power. See if he can fix this. Thanks! - March 15, 2016 at 6:40 P.M.

Another Resident Posts On Another Website

  • "Businesses don't want to come here (the City of Mountain Home) because of population size and lack of water resources." - March 13, 2017.

Facebook Posts About The City Golf Course

  • The golf course has never paid its own way. They just paid off the back 9 holes. And that payment was paid by golfer's fee. Payment was more. City records are open to the public.March 13. 2017
  • "How does a golf course support itself when there isn't a City dumping money into it? Where is the income ?" - March 14, 2017
  • "$30K+ for the golf course? Used by what? 10-15 % of the city population? How long have people been trying to get safer crosswalks erected? How many years has the storm drainage system needed an overhaul? Yes let's dump more tax $ into a nice patch of grass." - March 17, 2017
  • The golf course is owned by city, it's a public course. It has never paid it own. Money comes from the general fund when it needs help.- March 13, 2017
  • "Golf is a dying sports activity in this country but the city can only attract old retirees. The retired may be the only people buying houses in Mountain Home and shopping in our stores. Reality shows the population is dropping, yet the over 67 age demographic has increase during the last 10 years. Homegrown young, innovative and active new blood cannot wait to move to Boise or Twin leaving a sorry population of bingo and golf players." - March 15, 2017
The costs?

Facebook Post About The Mountain Home City Pool

  • "And the city has issues with improving the pool to keep it running for longer?" - March 13, 2017 

Tax Dollar Waste Comment on Facebook

  • "Regarding updating the website for $6000.00? Are you kidding me? Granted the existing web page is an embarrassment. I bet you can have the local city college or even the high School build a web page for half the costs. $6,000.00 seriously? $4500.00 for an updated Logo? Tell you what. Sell your old surplus equipment and vehicles at auction, the money from that can go to your Logo and web page projects. Priorities."March 13, 2017

Summary: I'm not saying the City of Mountain Home or Elmore County, Idaho is doing a bad job but there are plenty citizens who are troubled by recent events and expenditures. These people are communicating their observations and displeasure about a city in decline and the city and the county remain silent.

"Silence is golden?"

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