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Shooting a Dog in Mountain Home Idaho

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"Leave your dogs at home when coming to Elmore County, Idaho" is what this story is saying. 

Nothing says "never, ever come visit Mountain Home, Idaho" like a person shooting someone's dog and leaving it to die down by the street in the rural part of town.

Found the following post in the Mountain Home Idaho " Exploring the News" Facebook group 
"February 22, 2017 at 8:16pm
I would like to send a big Thank you to the person that found my dog laying by road and took him to the Vet because he had been shot. I really appreciate you taking the time out of your day to do that.
He is going to be all right because of your thoughtfulness.
I would also like to say something to the person that shot him. I'm not sure why my dog was down by the road since he has never ventured away from home. My guess is that there is a female in heat and since he is just getting to that age it's a new experience for him. As soon as he is well enough we will take care of that problem. If he was causing problems at your home, I am really sorry.
But, there are a few things that you need to learn to be a responsible hunter.
1. If you're going to shoot an animal, kill It! If you're not a good enough shot, don't Shoot!
2. Always confirm your kill. If your too lazy to walk out there to do that then don't Shoot!
3. If you're not sure what you are shooting at, don't shoot!"

When events like the one described above are just normal, everyday things, the residents might want to rethink who should be able to carry a gun. The 2nd Amendment allows for it but the results speak for themselves. Who shoots someone's pet and leaves it to die down by the street? Who pulls out a gun and shoots at anything while standing on or near a public road? The only answer I can come up with is a mentally ill individual.

Research your vacation spots carefully.

These types of event also shine a dark and foul light on the city of Mountain Home and Elmore County, Idaho. Considering Boise is only 45 miles to the northwest and Twin Falls is 85 miles to the east with all the amenities needed for tourists and visitors, Mountain Home might be a place to avoid. Your choice.

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