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Idaho Fakes Resident Protections While Feds Sell Your Privacy - A New Age

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In a story from the Spokesman-Review Newspaper, based in Spokane, Wash., it appears the state of Idaho has made a deal with Amazon, Inc to start collecting sales tax on all purchases made by Idaho residents. But no details of this new taxing method have been, or apparently, can be released to the public. Idaho taxpayer confidentiality laws were stated as the reason neither Amazon nor Idaho officials can reveal the details .. even to the taxpayers.

Tax commission won't say why.

Link to Spokesman-Review story:

In Less Than One Month

While the Idaho Tax Commission was covering up the deal of how we will be taxed, Congressman Raul Labrador was busy dismantling privacy laws for U.S. citizens. Congressman Mike Simpson was too busy or scared to vote on that bill, S J Res 34.  Simpson won't say why he didn't vote, and yes, I asked him. See

We were represented at the tax party. Don't ask for the sorted details. 

Transparency In Government - A New Low

Christy Zito, my state representative from District 23 thought creating maps of state lands was a bridge too far for communicating with residents of Idaho. She wouldn't even response to my letter asking why she voted "No" on House Concurrent Resolution 20, a resolution that would have opened the door to state lands maps the public could use for many different purposes.

Add the fact Zito's has been ignoring her constituents, to Congressman Labrador and Mike Simpson dismantling privacy laws, to and our tax commission decisions, and it's no wonder the term "shadow government" keeps popping up.

Just to be clear, I don't subscribe to those conspiracy theories but these are Idaho politicians and they tend to believe in stuff like that and now they are contributing to the secret squirrel stuff.

"As a resident of Idaho, I expect my elected officials to answer simple questions and tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. That appears to also be 'a bridge too far.'"

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Originally published on April 10, 2017.


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