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Owyhee Mtns Vinson Wash Outing - Public Lands

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A fork on an unnamed road in the Owyhee Mountains
A sunny, 40℉  February 2017 day in the Owyhee Mountains of southern Idaho. 
Sunshine has been a rare commodity in southern Idaho this winter. So when the opportunity presented itself, I took it and headed into the Owyhee Mountains for a pre-microadventure exploration hike.

This area about 15 miles southwest of Grand View, Idaho and about 50 miles south of Boise, Idaho and will likely be the location of a future microadventure in 2017. It's a sagebrush covered desert environment with a number of peaks to explore. And I have explored many of them since 2007. But now it's time to get out into these "deserty" mountains for a overnight camping adventures.

The two-track seen in this photograph has no name that I know of. It is only suitable for high clearance vehicles and of course ATVs, motorcycles and hiking. I walked.

This photograph was taken at 42.8234194, -116.2587694 on February 25, 2017 at 2:45 P.M. while facing west.

Peak 5141 is located at 42.826619, -116.310974 and is about two and three-quarter miles away from the photo location.

On this exploration, I hiked a total of 4.13 miles and at no time did I step foot on anything other than public lands. From the research I have done, most of the lands within a 10 mile radius of the hike are federal lands and freely open to hiking ... no permission needed.

The next biggest land owner within a 10 mile radius of my hike is the State of Idaho. Idaho owned lands are a peculiar in that they can lock out citizens of the state when they wish and for any reason apparently. Idaho also has a long history of selling off their "state lands." For this reason, the citizens of the U.S. need to tell their representative to keep public lands open and free to all of us. Once lands are sold off to corporations or private parties, the "No Trespassing" signs and fences go up.

Private property is the last ownership category in this area. Most of the private lands in this area are located in the river/creek valleys and are mainly ranch lands.

Directions to the photo location from Grand View Idaho
Turn left onto ID-78 E 2.1 mi  Slight right onto Mud Flat Rd/Shoofly Rd  Continue to follow Mud Flat Rd 15.7 mi  Turn right onto Oreana Loop Rd/Poison Creek Cutoff 2.7 miles. Look for a two-track dirt road on the left.

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