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Peak 5913 Oasis Hike In The Danskin Mtns

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This strenuous May 14, 2017, hike in Idaho's Danskin Mountains just south of the South Fork of the Boise River was spectacular for both its scenic beauty and sense of accomplishment. While the weather was cool, gray and windy, this ridge to ridge to ridge hike located just off National Forest System Road 131 was one of my favorites in the past few years.

Tim Bondy's Hike Commentary I wasn't looking forward to this hike. I knew it was going to be steep, windy and pretty much atypical of the other hikes I did in this area. But the views, greenery, and scenery were special. With views extending miles into the high peaks of Boise Mountains and even out into the Snake River Plains and down into the South Fork of the Boise River Canyon, who could say no to all that? Not me.

The trailhead is located not far from the headwaters of Cow Creek and heads sharply up a ridge to the northwest. Land ownership on the earth I tread during this hike started off on…

Around The Little Camas Canals Bike Ride

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This May 10, 2017, southern Idaho mountain biking ride in the hills south of the South Fork of the Boise River was a good experience for a guy who just trying to find his "bike legs." The adventure consisted of riding on gravel and dirt roads as well as a segment of 2-track in a location that never gets much vehicle traffic. It also follows along a 100-year-old canal system that runs high above the Boise River system.

Where The Ride Starts, Goes And Ends My trailhead is located near the intersection of Nation Forest System Road 131 and Northeast Dixie Cut Off Road off Idaho's U.S. Highway 20.  I just pull off the road and unload my mountain bike and ride away.

The first leg of the ride in about as straight a dirt road as is possible. It's also an undulating uphill ride that even I don't have to dismount to get up the hills. There are three cattle guards that I still walk across, however.

Make a left or go north on NFS 164A that will wi…

My Congressman Voted For And Against The AHCA

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"Now I understand why I don't understand politics." - Tim Bondy on May 17, 2017.
According to the Idaho Statesman newspaper, my congressman said:
"If he knew the American Health Care Act passed by the House of Representatives would become law, he would have voted against it." That was U.S. Rep. Mike Simpson on Monday, May 15, 2017, at a health care conference in Boise, Idaho.

Link to article: Link to U.S. Representative Mike Simpson, Idaho's Second Congressional District:
Tim Bondy's Editorial It is my belief that a politician stops becoming a representative when they vote strictly along party lines. Those politicians are then working for a people who did not elect him and should resign immediately.
U.S. Congressman Mike Simpson, if the above statement is correctly attributed to you, you need to resign immediately. You don't represent we…

Hike To Idaho's Peak 6187 In The Bennett Mountains

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I haven't done much peakbagging in the Mount Bennett Hill / Bennett Mountain area north of Glenns Ferry, Idaho, USA. My goal was to bag Peak 6187 and from my research, I knew it wasn't a prominent peak at all but is would have excellent views down into the Little Canyon Creek area and over a little-visited area of this volcanically dominated mountainous landscape.

The Ascent - A Cross-Country Hike The hike starts from the side of Bennett Mountain Road, a well-maintained gravel road and heads steeply up the ridgeline to the east. There is no real trailhead nor any paths to follow. It a "point your nose at the goal and put one foot in front of the other" type of hike. For this and all cross-country hikes, I suggest you chose your route wisely. I didn't.

From my starting point, I scrambled up a section of the mountainside for about seven-tenths of a mile, that was not only steep but also had slick footing. The "shaley" volcanic …

Wilson Flats Ridgeline Hike in Boise National Forest

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This May 3, 2017, hike up a ridgeline above Wilson Flats on the north side of Anderson Ranch Reservoir was very enjoyable. The beauty, solitude, and geology made this area located about 40 miles southeast of Boise, Idaho a great place for a microadventure. My unrealistic but original goal was Peak 6355 that is just 2.5 miles south of the 7,700 tall House Mountain. I didn't make it that far. But I did make it to Peak 5675.

My Wilson Flats Area History I have a longish history with Wilson Flats. I first visited the area back in 2008, looking for a creek to fish. There were fish in the creek then, but things have changed. In 2013 the "Elk Complex" wildfire burned through the area and a flash flood later scoured Wilson Creek valley pretty much clean.

I ATV'd up to the flats a number of times before that fire and flash flood. In 2013, the trail from Anderson Dam Road up to the flats was officially closed to all activities and just in the last c…

Outskirts Of Boise Idaho Area Mountain Biking Ride

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The Boise Foothills are a well-known area for mountain biking. However, if you truly want to get away from the crowds and enjoy some dramatic scenery, heading 35-70 miles to the southeast can pay off. I went on "dirt road" ride on Thursday, May 4, 2017, and it was quite nice. No cars, no people and a lot of birds and a few deer.

Dixie Cutoff Road / Forest Service Road 164/164A I'm just getting into shape and this eight mile, 1,050-foot elevation gain/loss ride on a dirt road located about one hour from downtown Boise was enjoyable, thigh-burning and a good start to what I hope is a long mountain biking season in my little neck of the Idaho wilds.

The entire ride was done on Boise National Forest Service Road 164/164A. Road 164A is a road that basically hangs 1,000 feet above the South Fork of the Boise River. It also follows the Little Camas irrigation canal for quite awhile. The scenery down, out, over and up is pretty darn dramatic, making th…

Peak 4702 And Teaser Ridge Hike

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April 29, 2017, was the first nice hiking day in the last ten days and I took advantage of it. My chosen route took me up a ridgeline just past some private property in the Syrup Creek area of southwestern Idaho. The hike took me along the self-named "Teaser Ridge," a ridge that overlooks a dirt road located on private property. I wanted to see what I was missing beyond those "Private Property" signs. Coolness and some good hiking and mountain biking possibilities are what I'm missing.

The All Public Lands Hike Peak 4702 is located in the Danskin Mountains about 35 as-the-crow-flies miles southeast of Boise, Idaho. The trailhead I parked at is mostly surrounded by private property. With a little careful research and determination, I completed the out-and-back hike completely on public lands, This included both State of Idaho and Bureau of Land Management lands.

Actually, most of the land seen in the above photograph is public land. Th…

Idaho Mountain Biking - Endless Possibilities

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I'm on a journey to "getting in shape and having fun" and mountain biking may be a small or large part of that adventure. There is plenty of challenging places to ride not far from Boise, Idaho. But with just a little research, near-beginners like me will find hundreds of miles of one-track, two-track and dirt roads to discover your biking legs and lungs.

What, Who, Where, When And Why Did This Happen? I'm a long time mountain biker who hasn't really been on a mountain bike for about four years. The old adage of "you never forget how to ride a bike" is true. I didn't. But I did forget some of the basics of mountain biking. So in effect, I forgot how to have fun and to not chew off more than an out-of-shape guy can handle.

I picked a rutted and somewhat muddy two-track in the shadows of Teapot Dome (43.1614833, -115.5178194) in southwestern Idaho for my first attempt at a comeback. I also picked a day that featured north…