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Danskin Mountains Peak 4743 Hike

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I went on a 3.5 mile, 1,500-foot elevation gain/loss hike on March 22, 2017, in what I'm calling the Danskin Mountains of southwestern Idaho. The beautiful spring weather and relatively light winds made the hike quite pleasant.

Tim Bondy - Freelance Hiking Writer

Map Of The Hike:

Below is a Google "My Map" that I created out of the GPS track I recorded on my smartphone during the hike. Google has updated the My Map feature and it looks very useful ... for now. However, these Google features seem to have a very short lifespan before being discontinued.

The lines on the map are the exact path I walked, while the two additional markers are the peak and a secondary destination. Play around with the map and you'll find you can move around inside the app to see more details if you wish.

I hiked further than I originally planned and that is concerning for me for two reasons:
  1. Because this was a solo hike and if I got hurt, hiking outside of my planned route would have made any rescue more difficult. I leave the specific hiking route I plan to walk with my wife. The only saving grace for the off-plan segment was the visibility of where I was going. In this case, I was directly below the peak I planned on turning around. 
  2. I didn't research the land ownership on the extended trek. The maps I looked at after the hike showed I entered private property. I walked about 400 feet into property owned by Michael Wilder out of Star, Idaho. I feel rather strongly about avoiding private property and on this day, I didn't do my due diligence. My bad. 

More about the hike:

  • From Boise: It's a 50 minute, 42 mile drive to the trailhead.
  • The drive to the "trailhead" is mostly paved with about 6 miles of good gravel road suitable for passenger cars.
  • Pick up everything you'll need for the hike before coming into the Mountain Home, Idaho area. 
  • Trailhead/Parking is or can be just off a two-track at 43.271759, -115.674936. Pick you stopping point and just go.
  • This is cattle/ranching country.
  • This is also mule deer country.
  • There is a two-track leading up to the ridge. Use it or don't but I find going off trail/road you'll encounter less trash and a nicer environment. Explore.
  • Know what lands are public and which are private ... that means you too, Tim Bondy.
  • Keep Public Lands Public...
  • There is a fence on the ridgeline. It's not a private/public divide. Climb under or if you're tall enough step over. There were a few sections, at the time, where the fence was broken down. 
  • A photo album with way too many pictures from the hike can be viewed at

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Originally published on March 24, 2017


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