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Failed Owyhee Mtns Quad-Peak Hike

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I planned out a hike in the Owyhee Mountains of southwestern Idaho that involved bagging four closely spaced peaks off Mud Flat Road, 21miles southwest of the city of Grand View. I attempted that hike on April 1, 2017, and failed to summit only one of the peaks. It turned out to be a wonderful day in the great outdoors.

Bondy on Owyhee Mtn Peak 5882
Tim Bondy in the Owyhee Mountain during April 2017 - On top of Peak 5882

Why didn't I summit the other peak? That peak, "Rocky Points Peak," was a just a little out of the way. Plus, it would have meant I would have had hike to a saddle about 300 feet below that new summit and I just wasn't up for it. So yeah, I was lazy.👎👎👎 On the bright side, I have another peak to explore in the future. 👍👊

The Location And Owyhee Peak Names 

The hike is close to the relatively unknown "Lone Juniper Creek." There is a two-tract or dirt road running north and then west of the peak area but I stay mostly off of it.

The Peaks:

  • Peak 5642 - summited 👍
  • Peak 5787 - summited 👍
  • Peak 5882 - summited 👍
  • The self-named "Rocky Points Peak." - Nope, didn't make it there. 👎

Click On Map, Zoom In/Out and Explore

My research shows some private property is in the area but well away from the peaks, although there is a fence line running along the ridgeline I followed. I suspect it is a BLM grazing allotment fence. However, based on the condition of the fence, maybe I'm missing something and there is private property up there too?

Timbers prop-up the post while a boulder and wire do a counter-balancing act.
Owyhee Mountains fence in bad condition
Is this a BLM or Idaho fence in the Owyhee Mountains?

Why There?

Why there? It's been awhile since I explored this area for cool rocks and decided some rockhounding while hiking in a place not many have tread would add an extra dimension to this microadventure. The "Rocky Points Peaks" was chosen because of how rocky and gnarly it looked on Google Earth. The other peaks I sought out were chosen because they "they were there."

Owyhee Peak 5642 view to the north
Cross-country hiking at its finest in the Owyhee Mountains south of Grand View, Idaho.

Other Details

  • Total Hike Mileage: 3.99 miles
  • Elevation Gain/Loss: 1,494 feet
  • Total Time: Trailhead To Trailhead: 3:45 hours
  • Slope: Avg = 12.8% / Max = 41.3%
  • Link To More Photographs From The Hike: https://goo.gl/photos/29jZ9VXM5RvVLtZs5
  • Parking Location: 42.749351, -116.310569
  • Topo Maps: Rough Mountain and Snow Creek Quadrangle 7.5 minute series
  • Video From Peak: https://youtu.be/vqulV1Zl87Q

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Originally published on April 4, 2017.


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