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Idaho Mountain Biking - Endless Possibilities

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I'm on a journey to "getting in shape and having fun" and mountain biking may be a small or large part of that adventure. There is plenty of challenging places to ride not far from Boise, Idaho. But with just a little research, near-beginners like me will find hundreds of miles of one-track, two-track and dirt roads to discover your biking legs and lungs.

Mountain biking in the Mount Bennett Hills

What, Who, Where, When And Why Did This Happen?

I'm a long time mountain biker who hasn't really been on a mountain bike for about four years. The old adage of "you never forget how to ride a bike" is true. I didn't. But I did forget some of the basics of mountain biking. So in effect, I forgot how to have fun and to not chew off more than an out-of-shape guy can handle.

I picked a rutted and somewhat muddy two-track in the shadows of Teapot Dome (43.1614833, -115.5178194) in southwestern Idaho for my first attempt at a comeback. I also picked a day that featured northwesterly winds gusting in excess of 35 mph/ 30 knots / 16 M/S.

Along for this short adventure was Charlie the yellow labrador. He had a blast chasing bird, smelling new smells and slurping out of mud puddles left over from the recent rains. Those mud puddles also meant I had to get off my bike and step over or around them way too often.

Why? I had to test out the new stuff on my "vintage" Cannondale SM700 to see the equipment is ready for a longer and more interesting ride in the near future. The new equipment included:
  • Schwinn MTB Tire with Kevlar, 26-Inch x 1.95-Inch
  • Slime 30027 Lite Smart Tube, Schrader Valve - 26 x 1.75-2.125" 

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Originally published on April 30, 2017.


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